30th June 2016: Inclusive Learning Through Games Presentation


An Inclusive Learning Through Games presentation that aims to enhance the knowledge and insight of educators, consultants and therapist working with children with vision and sensory impairment, autism, low intellectual disability and multi-disabilities.


Presented By


Mandy lau, a social designer , engineer and creator of the multi award winning of  teaching tool Reach & Match will share the knowledge she garnered from researching and developing mediums to educate children with a variety of disabilities to achieve their full potential through play.


Mandy has successfully applied Reach & Match* in schools, clinics and organisations for early intervention & social skill programs with, tailor made exercises, 31 activities and games for children with different needs


Format : Interactive dialogue with the audience on the following
  1. Games As a Social Inclusive Tool

  2. Cultivating Essential Skills through Games for Children with Special Needs: Providing functional training, to children with disability to learn alternative skills of independence and potential through games.

  3. How to encourage young children to learn and appreciate Braille from the start of vision impairment

  4. Observational analysis research on children with low vision developing  tactile skill, spatial, bodily awareness and motor skill


*Reach & Match® is an innovative education kit empowers children with vision impairment and multi-disabilities to learn Braille and developmental  learning skills in an inclusive mainstream setting.



Please RSVP by 10th June 2016  to Ng Bee Leng (contact below) so we know how many people to expect at the event.

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